What’s Fresh for 20 April 2011

20 Apr

For Market Goers and Eaters:

While the market has yet to start up, you should be aware that some of the very first crops of spring are starting to come in.  These currently include:

  • small radish
  • cole and radish flowers
  • elder blossoms
  • hedgehog mushrooms
  • beef roasts (currently available at Lee’s Market in Langlois)
  • woodland greens
  • micro-greens
  • young salad greens
  • last of 2010 leeks
  • garlic and leek scapes
  • garlic chive flowers
  • perennial herbs such as salad burnet, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, spearmint
  • small asian greens such as mizuna, pok choi
  • cooking greens such as chicory and mustards
  • eggs!
  • honey (currently available at B & B Farm Supply in Langlois)

For North Curry Gardeners and Seed Starters

If the winter pruning isn’t done, you’ll have to wait ’til next year.  Everything is jumping now.  Save yourself some money and start from seed or get starts at the market.  Both will be available, with seed from Sillydog Farms currently for sale at the B & B Farm Supply in Langlois.

It’s time for gardeners to start planting their eggplants, peppers and maybe even tomatoes indoors for the long wait ’til actual “Summer” weather (evenings reliably above 45F) is upon us – usually around 20 June, which is handy to keep track of.  That puts us exactly 8 weeks out from “heat,” as of now.  You might still get away with seeding some of the perennial herbs and veggies that have larger seed, such as sage, lovage, salad burnet and artichoke.  Small seeded herbs take as long as 12 weeks to reach a transplantable stage, so be advised to delay planting and to carefully acclimate for temperature and light intensity with what will be mid-summer plantings if you decide to start these little guys this late.

Other things that can go in the ground now include just about everything except beans and cucumber.  Wait on those and the basil.  Things to put in the ground now are extensive and include:

  • all the cole crops (broccoli/kale/collards/kohlrabi/mustard/asian greens), incl. radish
  • carrot, dill, parsnip
  • lettuce, salsify, chicory/endive
  • spinach, beet, chard
  • potatoes

This is your very last chance for garlic or winter grains if you simply forgot.

Enjoy your Food!

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